Hand fed sweet and tame Emerald Toucanet these species are the miniature toucans and make great pet companions...
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Baby Parrots
Currently hand feeding are sweet baby African Grey Congo’s, these species are known for their great ability to talk and mimic sounds very well...
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We specialize in the breeding, training and taming of different types of parrots. These would be Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazon and African Grey parrots among others. We love all types of parrots, and our experience and scope of access have led us to specialize in these different types in order to provide each of our birds with the attention required to attain complete nurturing, development, taming, training and socialization. This goes a long way to preparing the baby parrots for their new homes. Also, our executive staff are highly and reliably experienced in these different types of parrots. Jungle Birds Farm only sells weaned birds. Hyacinth Macaw for Sale

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