Blue Quaker Parrot

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Sweet baby Blue Quaker Parrot currently being hand fed, Quaker Parrots can be great talkers and are very sweet and cuddly birds.


Blue Quaker Parrot

Sweet baby Blue Quaker Parrot currently being hand fed. Quaker Parrots can be great talkers and are very sweet and cuddly birds. Blue Quaker Parrot For Sale


About Blue Quaker Parrot

A Blue Quaker Parrot (Blue Monk Parakeet) is a funny and affectionate avian companion just like all Quaker parrots. Well, except for their obvious color due to years of selective breeding. For such a small size, the Blue Quaker Parrot packs so much value with its outstanding talking ability, low cost, and availability. Blue Quaker Parrot For Sale


Are blue quaker parrots friendly?

Often referred to as “clowns,” quaker parrots are known for their fun-loving, comical personalities and their energetic, spunky nature. Not everyone can meet their care needs, as they prefer a lot of attention. But for the right person, a quaker parrot can make an affectionate and entertaining companion.


Are blue quaker parrots rare?

Blue: The Blue Quaker is the second most easily available Quaker color, after the natural green one. They are slightly smaller in size than the original green ones. Blue Quaker is a very basic mutation to achieve scientifically and was created in the 1840s in Belgium by Mr. MJ Bruyneel.

Is a quaker parrot a good pet bird?

Will it make a good pet: Known for their charismatic, entertaining personalities and their willingness to learn to talk, Quaker parrots are an excellent choice for novice bird owners. They adapt well to household living are very popular for bird lovers who want all the fun of a large parrot in a smaller package. Blue Quaker Parrot For Sale
  • Blue Quaker Parrot For Sale

2 reviews for Blue Quaker Parrot

  1. Deborah Armin

    My quaker parrot, Clover, has been home for a week now and he is such a delight! JBF does an amazing job rearing all of his parrot babies. His labor of love is evident in how the birds behave. Clover knew his “step up” command and was bestowing me with kisses day 1. When I picked him up there was another couple picking up an Amazon. She too was very calm and friendly. JBF is very knowledgeable and will address all of your questions. If you are looking to add a feathered family member, this is the aviary to go through!

  2. Jenny Shields

    Super helpful and knowledgeable about birds and their dietary + activity needs. Friendly birds!

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