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Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw for Sale

Sweet baby Hyacinth Macaws are currently being hand fed, these gentle giants will be very friendly and sweet and will be weaned off onto a great diet. Buy Hyacinth Macaw

About Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth macaws are one of the largest species of parrot. They are beautiful, and smart, and can even mimic human speech. They have a blue body of feathers, a solid black beak, and yellow circling their eyes. And the lower part of their beak. They nest in pre-existing holes in trees with a clutch of two to three eggs. Hyacinth Macaw For Sale


How rare is a hyacinth macaw?

“We estimate 6,500 hyacinth macaws remain in the wild, of which around 5,000 live in the Pantanal. ” I sigh with relief. But not long ago the hyacinth macaw, the world’s largest parrot, was also in great danger.

What are the features of the hyacinth macaw?

Hyacinth macaws are the largest parrots and, as their name implies, are covered with bright blue plumage. They have bare yellow eye ring circles around large black eyes, a yellow chin, a strongly hooked beak, and zygodactylous feet (2 toes that point forward and 2 toes that point backward).

Are hyacinth macaws gentle?

Temperament. Though somewhat frightening in appearance due to its enormous size and powerful, sharp hooked beak, the hyacinth macaw is something of a gentle giant. Hyacinths are quite gentle by nature. They are easily trained by positive reinforcement and tend to bond strongly with their human caregivers. Buy Hyacinth Macaw. 
Is a hyacinth macaw a good pet?
Hyacinth macaws are not appropriate pets for first-time bird owners. Their lifespan in the wild is between 50-60 years, and they can live even longer in captivity, if well cared for. While they can make good pets in the right circumstances, they can be nippy, and are loud. 
Why are Hyacinth Macaws important?


Hyacinth macaws play an important role in their habitats by dispersing the seeds and nuts they feed on. This allows seeds to be germinated, and for vegetation to grow throughout their range, providing a base for the rest of the food chain. hyacinth macaw for sale

What adaptations do Hyacinth Macaws have?

Mighty Beaks

If a hyacinth macaw is intent on munching on a coconut, his beak can work its magic. Strangely enough, these birds, as with other types of macaws, sometimes even use their beaks as additional feet, since they help them maintain their clutches on trees. Their beaks help them scale things more easily. hyacinth macaw for sale texas

What is the wingspan of a hyacinth macaw?
four feet
Also, hyacinth macaws are the largest of the parrot species. They grow to approximately 40 inches in length- or a little more than the width of your bunk bed. They have wingspan of up to four feet. hyacinth macaw parrots for sale
What do hyacinth macaws eat?
The majority of the hyacinth macaw diet is composed of nuts from specific palm species, such as acuri and bocaiuva palms. They have very strong beaks for eating the kernels of hard nuts and seeds. Their strong beaks can even crack coconuts, the large brazil nut pods, and macadamia nuts. hyacinth macaw for sale craigslist
Are hyacinth macaws social birds?
Hyacinth macaws are very social birds. They can be seen alone but usually form groups of up to 4 birds. They are also often found in bigger groups of between 12 and 20 birds, which often include pairs and family trios (parents and chick). hyacinth macaw for sale near me
What is the prettiest parrot?
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Hyacinth Macaw For Sale

4 reviews for Hyacinth Macaw for Sale

  1. Anna Dragon

    I can not express how happy we are with Jungle Birds! From the very start the whole experience was amazing. From finding out the babies had hatched to receiving pictures throughout the entire process all the way until the day we picked her up he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Not only is our bird beautiful but she also has the best temperament and is as sweet as can be she loves all 3 of our kids. Jungle Birds continues to be a great resource for information as we grow to love our new family member. Quick to answer and talk through any questions we have. The love he showed towards our baby when we picked our girl up was great to see. It is evident that he has a passion for the work he does ensuring that the new family members are well taken care of and provides the resources necessary to help if any challenges arise. He truly wants the best for his babies and his friendly nature to help ensure success for them and their new families I believe it’s that passion that sets Jungle Birds aviary above the rest!

  2. Alexandra Stephenson

    I cannot say enough great things about JUNGLE FARM! The entire process was extremely stress free, and always felt that I could get in touch with them regarding updates and questions. We just picked up our baby male Hyacinth Macaw a few days ago, and the shipping process was so much easier than I had expected. The shipping container was fantastic and the bird starter pack came with SO many supplies and a great table top stand. Kiwi is extremely healthy with the sweetest personality. He is still adjusting to being in a new home, but I was shocked at how well he has tolerated so many new things. I have been able to put his harness on (my guy was harness trained), steps up with ease (I highly recommend using clicker training), lets us pet and scratch him/lift his wings, and is not screaming nor biting. As soon as we brought him home he instantly started eating and drinking, which is always a relief. It was very clear to me how much he had been handled during such a critical young age, he loves being snuggled right against us and is not favoring human males vs females at all. He has such an incredible personality, and is so smart! He already within the first couple days is picking up target training with positive reinforcement clicker training, which I find incredible considering he is only a few months old and in a new environment.
    Kiwi is now my ESA, and I cannot tell you how much I’ve already benefited from him emotionally. He will be making such a huge difference in my life, even my health.
    He has been such an incredible addition to our family. And we would like to thank David at Jungle birds farm for having such an incredible breeding pair to make our little guy along with all of the great care and training and handling that was done. We absolutely love him, and are already recommending to others to contact them if ever interested in any breed of bird 😊

  3. Kimberley Kennedy

    We are absolutely amazed with our experience with Jungle birds farms! You really can see how much they care about their birds and customers. Our new baby bird, Lily, surprised us from the start with how much she wants to be with you and how loving she is. On the first day we left the cage door open and she chose to come out to us. She just wanted to be with us. She is so gentle and loves to cuddle and have her head scratched. Thank you so much to all those at Jungle birds farms for all of the time and love you put into your birds. It is obvious by our Lily’s loving personality that she has been loved and cared for more than any bird parent could ever hope for!

  4. Jason Golden

    When we saw JBF‘s online post, featuring a stunning Hyacinth macaw following my long search, we knew something good was about to happen! From our initial inquiry, to regular check-ins regarding our bird’s weaning progress, to the day we met our bird, every step was pleasant and joyful. To be specific, it’s not only the bird which has made us feel good, but also our experience with Jungle birds farm.

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