Greater Indian HIll Mynahs for Sale

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Greater Indian Hill Mynah For Sale

Sweet baby Greater Indian Hill Mynah is ready for its new home. This species is known for its great ability to talk and mimic sounds.

About Greater Indian Hill Mynah

The Greater Indian Hill Mynah (Gracula religiosa intermedia) belongs to the family of Starlings. They inhabit the hilly areas of South Asia. In Malaysia, they are known as Tiong Mas Malaysia or Malaysian Hill Mynah.


What does Greater Indian Hill Mynah eat?

The Mynah birds are omnivorous, softbill bird that loves to eat fruit as well as dine on reptiles, insects, baby birds, small rodents, and discarded waste from human habitation. They have a short digestive tract; therefore, these birds eat a lot and likely have frequent and often loose droppings.


How long do Myna birds live?
12 to 25 years
In captivity, a mynah bird’s lifespan can be 12 to 25 years.

Are mynah birds intelligent?

This amazing and intelligent parrot will put some color into your life if that’s what you’re lacking! Found in Southeast Asia, the Hill Myna is known as one of the best talking birds as they are able to mimic the human voice in exact tones!

How do I feed my baby Indian myna?

You can begin to incorporate commercial pellets, fruits and vegetables, and insects into your bird’s diet as it grows. A mynah should be completely weaned by the time he is 8 or 9 weeks old. These birds do not eat seeds. Commercial pellets supplemented with fruit and insects should make up most of a mynah’s diet. Indian Hill Mynahs for Sale. indian hill mynah for sale
What are Indian Myna birds scar of?
indian hill mynah for sale
Deterrents. Mynas like tidy lawns, manicured hedges, and hard surface areas, so creating a more bushlike native garden will help keep them away. They are attracted to fruit trees, palms, and pines. Removing pet food and covering compost bins will deter both mynas and miners. Indian Hill Mynahs for Sale
What sound does a mynah bird make?
A wide assortment of high-pitched notes and chatter, most commonly a loud, scolding radio, radio, radio; the gamut of notes express various states. Alarm and agitation occur, for example, upon seeing a cat or snake, whereupon mynas utter harsh shake, shake notes and droop and shiver their wings. Indian Hill Mynahs for Sale

4 reviews for Greater Indian HIll Mynahs for Sale

  1. LaShanna Roe

    Hard to find a good breeder, but, Jungle Birds Farm is above and beyond. Meets all your expectations! If you are purchasing a parrot, this is the guy you’ll want to purchase from. Beautiful birds and raised well. I absolutely love my Mynah bird! He’s so sweet and tame.

  2. Novinha Longstaff

    Jungle birds did such a phenomenal job hand raising my baby mynah to be the healthy and very sociable girl that I can’t get enough of. She is everything I’d hoped for and more. You should be able to find a picture of their logo next to the dictionary definition of an ethical breeder. When we’re ready to grow our feathered family in the future we will absolutely be coming back to you!

  3. Bridget Wehde

    My sweet little Olivia came three weeks ago. She was sweet and cuddly from the get go. I couldn’t be more happy! Thank you so much Dav. The process was so incredibly smooth!

  4. Ashlymarie Lacey

    Just ordered from you guys on your website from up in Ohio, shipping was fast and easy and packaged well! Also got a cute thank you note and an extra surprise in my order that I was not expecting! And I thank you guys so much! I can’t wait to use natures enrichment over the moon and also nature’s enrichment bountiful with our sun conure! Thank you so much! You guys are awesome! Will be recommending to others in my area!

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