Major Mitchell Cockatoo Major Mitchell Cockatoo for Sale


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Major Mitchell Cockatoo for Sale

Major Mitchell babies, parent and human raised. They have been flying in a large outdoor aviary to get their flight skills down. This is very important at this age. I also train them to fry to me on command, be gentle, and target. Their diet consists of: sprouts, pellets, organic vegetables, fruit, and some seed. They are getting great care and lots of TLC. Major Mitchell Cockatoos for Sale

About Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Major Mitchell’s cockatoo (Lophochroa leadbeateri), also known as Leadbeater’s cockatoo or the pink cockatoo, is a medium-sized cockatoo that inhabits arid and semi-arid inland areas of Australia, though it is seen regularly in other climates, for example, South-East Queensland’s subtropical region. Major Mitchell Cockatoos for Sale


Are Major Mitchell cockatoos cuddly?

This bird is funny and energetic, as well as cuddly and affectionate. Major Mitchell’s can be temperamental. This bird is sensitive to the absence of its bonded human.

How big is a major Mitchell?

This is a medium-sized cockatoo, and although generally similar to its close cousins, the Major Mitchell’s cockatoo has a few distinct and unique details. The adults reach an average length of 14 inches (35 centimeters) and can weigh up to 15 ounces (430 grams).
Do Major Mitchell cockatoos make good pets?
For all their beauty, these birds don’t make the best pets because they tend to be aloof – and they often bite. They are also noisy; they rarely speak, but they are loud screamers. If you have your heart set on one, though, choose a female; she’ll be more docile, although not as common in the market as males.
What is the easiest cockatoo to own?
Cockatoos are popular birds in aviculture, but their needs are difficult to meet. The cockatiel is the easiest cockatoo species to maintain and is by far the most frequently kept in captivity. White cockatoos are more commonly found in captivity than black cockatoos.
How long does a Major Mitchell Cockatoo live?
around 40 to 60 years
Major Mitchell’s cockatoos (Cacatua leadbeateri) typically live around 40 to 60 years in captivity, so even for his species, Cookie is ancient.

What age do Major Mitchell’s breed?

between 3 and 4 years of age
The young and their parents form small, family groups, staying together for a period of time after the chicks have reached independence. Young birds become reproductively mature between 3 and 4 years of age.


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