Plum Headed Ringneck


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Currently hand feeding is a sweet baby Plum Headed Parrot.


Plum Headed Ringneck

Currently hand feeding is a sweet baby Plum Headed Parrot. WE SHIP!!!! Plum Headed Ringneck for sale


About Plum Headed Ringneck

The plum-headed parakeet is a mainly green parrot, 33 cm long with a tail up to 22 cm. The male has a red head which shades to purple-blue on the back of the crown. Nape and cheeks while the female has blueish-gray head. Plum Headed Ringneck for sale


Do plum head parrots make good pets?

The plum-head parakeet is a medium-sized parrot of striking beauty. This Asian parrot makes a good pet, as it is less aggressive and possessive than some other parrot species, and it gets along well with others.


How do you tame a plum headed parrot?
Re: Taming a scared plum headed parakeet

Don’t look at him, don’t ask him to step up, just talk, sing, whistle, put a treat near him, etc. Put his cage in a corner at eye level and don’t approach it unless you have to clean it and put food and water in it.

Can plum headed parakeets live with budgies?

They are know as peaceful birds that get along really well with other birds. Sometimes they even act protective of smaller birds like finches or budgies. A Plum Head parakeet has a lot of desirable traits which is why they are so love in the world of pet bird owners.


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