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Red Collar Lory for Sale
Sweet baby currently being hand fed, these species are nectar and fruit eaters. They make amazing pets and can talk and mimic sounds. Red Collared Lory for Sale

About Red Collared Lory

The red-collar lorikeet is a species of parrot found in wooded habitats in northern Australia. Red Collar Lorry For Sale. It was previously considered a subspecies of the rainbow lorikeet, but today most major authorities consider them a separate species. No other member of the rainbow lorikeet group has an orange-red collar over the nape. Red Collar Lorry For Sale

Distribution and Habitat

Red Collared Lorikeets are endemic northern and eastern Australia. From the Kimberleys, through the Gulf of Carpentaria in Queensland to an area just north of the Nicholson and Gregory Rivers. The Red Collared Lorikeet can be found living in plains of Eucalypts and Melaleuca forests.


The Lifespan of the Red Collared Lorikeet is 28+ years of age.

Description and Sexing

The Red Collared Lorikeets are one of the largest lorikeets in Australia. The Red Collared Lorikeet has a blue head and face, with an orange to red chest and a narrow to a distinctive red collar around the neck. The wings and tail are green, with some yellow tips on the feathers. The feathers on its abdomen are dark blue to black and they have a red beak, and grey to brown legs and feet. The juvenile is duller in color with a blackish beak.

The Red Collared Lorikeet is similar to and is frequently confused with the Rainbow Lorikeet. The visual differences are:

  • the red collar compared to the yellow/green collar of the Rainbow Lorikeet.
  • the Red Collared Lorikeet has a dark green belly instead of a blue one.
  • the red collared lorikeet though often similar in size is slightly smaller than a Rainbow lorikeet.

The only way to sex the Red Collared Lorikeets is by DNA or sergical sexing.

Feeding and Care

The Red Collared Lorikeet, in the wild, feed on nectar and pollen from plants and flowers.

In captivity one of the most common cause of premature death in lorikeets are infections caused by a poorly balanced diet or food that has been spoilt. There are many good quality commercial formulas available for lorikeets, that will provide the proper dietary requirements and nutrition for your bird.  Be wary of some supermarket brands some good quality lorikeet food include vetafarm forest fusion, wobaroo and vetafarm glden lory rice formula.

There are two main types of commercial formulas, namely wet mix and dry mix. These mixes come in powder form. red collar lorry for sale near Daytona Beach, FL

If feeding dry mix, plenty of fresh drinking water needs to be made available for the bird. The power should be thrown out and feed containers washed every day. red collared lorikeet price

If feeding wet mix, the mixture spoils easily should be thrown out and containers washed every day. In hot weather it will spoil faster than normal and may need to be thrown out and container washed more often. This is one of the reasons why dry could be better, but young lorikeet will need to be weaned off wet on to dry a few months after purchase. Their requirements for drinking will be reduced, as the feed contains a large amount of water, however fresh drinking water should still be made available at all times.

Red Collared Lorikeets also need their diet supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. A variety of different fruit and vegetables should be made available. Spinach or silverbeet leaves provide calcium for the bird, . A calcium supplement or calcium perch may also be used for calcium intake.

Other kinds of fruits and vegetables frequently enjoyed by lorikeets include apples, pears, corn on the cob, berries, grapes (only to be fed in small amounts as the high iron content in grapes can cause liver damage), pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and citrus fruits (only once a week). Fruit and vegetables should be removed at the end of each day and not be allowed to accumulate at the bottom of the cage.

Do not feed your bird (or any other bird) avocado, onion, chocolate, caffeine or alcohol. These foods contain chemicals which are lethal to birds.

Red Collared lorikeets will also eat small quantities of millet spray, oats, canary grass sees and sprouted sunflower.

If you are unable to need the nutritional requirement for your lorikeet, vitamins and mineral supplements will need to be provided.

It is important to make sure the cage is clean weekly, including all toys, perches and feed containers.


Red Collared Lorikeet are a very active birds and recommended that you house your bird in the largest cage you can afford. Even though these birds are small, you have to remember that you need room for the many toys, swings, perches, food/water dishes, as well as providing sufficient space for them to move around and exercise their wings. Buy Red Collar Lorry Online


Red Collared Lorikeets are very playful, you should provide your bird with foraging toys, non toxic plastic toys, ladder and ropes. They love toys that make noise, such as bells and toys they can chewing, such as wood, rope and leather. Swings are important not only for play, but to strengthen their legs and improve balance.

A bird bath should be provided to allow bird to bath. Natural branches for perches and climbing should be place in your birds’ cage, make sure branches are rinsed well before hand to remove any bacteria or unwanted germs.

Red Collared Lorikeets as Pets

Red Collared Lorikeets make great pets and are becoming more popular due to their intelligence, entertaining personality and stunning beauty.  They are a good beginner’s bird as they are affectionate, curious, and exhibit some unique behavior.

Young birds should be socialized to many people and exposed to a variety of situations such as new cages, toys, visits to the veterinarian, handling by friends, and wing clippings to avoid fear of novel situations. Buy Red Collar Lorry Online

These birds are known for their talking ability and are good talkers when taught through repetition. Buy Red Collar Lorry

Do red collared lorikeets talk?

Red Collared Lorikeets as Pets

These birds are known for their talking ability and are good talkers when taught through repetition. Red Collar Lorry For Sale

How long does a lorikeet live?
Varies among species. Smaller species live 12 – 15 years in captivity and larger species live 25–35 years in captivity. red collar lorry for sale near DeLand, FL


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